Writing: Example of a narrative essay

Writing: Example of a narrative essay

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Writing: Example of a narrative essay

Writing  :  Write an essay about a Wedding ceremony that you attended

Last week, I attended a nice wedding ceremony . it was so amazing and everything was exciting.

When we arrived to the wedding hall, my mum and I were taken by the immensity of the place. There were about 30 tables of 10 people.
When all the guests arrived, the waiters began to serve nice tea and sweet cakes, while the band was playing traditional music.Some women were dancing. The cameraman was filming everything that was happening.

Then, the bride and the groom made their wonderful entrance. Everyone was gazing at them happily. The bride was wearing traditional multicoloured caftan, and the groom a white Djellaba. But, They changed these clothes 4 times that night.

Next, most of the women started to dance while other guests were taking pictures with the bride and groom. A few minutes later, we sat down at the dinner table and we had a very nice and delicious dinner. They brought us delicious couscous full of vegetables and meat, followed by steamed lamb and finally a plate of three roasted chicken for every table.

The ceremony lasted till seven in the morning, the time when the two married couple went out followed by some guests.

To tell the truth, the wedding was really beautiful and unforgettable, and I was so happy that day.

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